ARCH 406 – Architectural Design Management

Assist. Prof. Dr. Timuçin HARPUTLUGÄ°L

Course Description

The overall design and building/construction process is complex and integrated with other disciplines. Each architectural design is unique and has its content considering its design and building/construction processes. Based on these stances, this course will help students to improve their visions to take part in integrated design teams and finding new pathways for management of complex designs in building environments. 


This course covers content and context of management principles of architectural design process, building/construction process and their interactions including stakeholders. The course includes design management concepts and methods, design and building/construction planning, project organization and management of knowledge, time, cost, quality and risks.


Course Objectives

The course focuses on teaching the foundation to provide insight into the design and building/construction  processes and is designed specifically to provide an overview of design  management skills, competencies and tasks. The course aims to analyse system, strategies and management principles in building environment.


Learning Outcomes

1. Defines principles of design and building/construction management with its processes

2. Identifies project management concepts and methods commonly used in design and be able to apply them to processes planned.

3. Plan design strategies for complex processes for integrated design teams

4. Determine balance between time, cost, quality in design management.

5. Analyse risks in design and building/construction  processes